Meet Lifesize Plans General Manager

Published by Lifesize Plans on Nov 24, 2021
Meet Lifesize Plans General Manager


Erin Smith  

Job title:  

General Manager

Role at LSP:  

Creating and delivering an exceptional onsite experience for

our customers, business partners and staff ensuring we can

help them on their construction journey.    

Brief description of your background:  

Sales, Marketing, General Management and Property

Building background across many industries, helping

businesses delivering growth through a customer centric


What does a day at LSP involve for you?  

Every day is very different because every plan is very

different. Chatting with customers, helping them with their

building plans. Delivering presentations to the marketplace

such as builders and building relationships with Architects,

Builders and companies that need our services.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working at LSP?

I’m always on the go, with my family and their sports

planning the next family cruise, or indulged in the latest

interior design magazine, decorating our home, and watching

every TV home show throughout the world available, yes

Grand Designs, Selling Homes, George Clarkes “Old home

to New home” and so on Foxtel. Being honest too, watching

the latest trash TV – Has anyone heard of MAF’s?. I love a

good business motivational book too which I get through a

few each year.


What inspires you or provide your favourite inspirational


I’m always inspired to see the latest architectural awarded

home in the world, and I’m inspired by the uniqueness of it,

and how it was built, what is the learning from it and I ponder

‘will become a new residential trend here in Australia’?.

When travelling I’ve been inspired by different cultures

learning the way they live in their homes, eg in Dubai and

Vietnam. I’m inspired by ‘less is more’, and I’ve learnt just

because it is a big house doesn’t mean it is beautiful.    


What motivates you to do what you do here, and

how you contribute to the customer experience?

Secretly, I love a great functional home plan! In todays’

market where real estate is so expensive, you need to know

what features are on trend and what customers are

demanding in their homes and I study this as a passion

watching the all the current and upcoming trends. Having

your plan right means getting off to a great start to the

building process, and managing the cost side of your project

with clarity.  

I bring to the business extensive practical, functional

experience in plan layouts, and understanding whose who in

the industry to be able to guide customers, and in a session

I’m always looking at the big picture for the home yet the

detail behind the plan in a session. The functionality of your

floor plan has hundreds of decision that need to be thought

through to achieve your optimum layout you want to live in.  

This is the largest investment you will make in life, and I am

concerned at how little research and preparation is done by

customers and not knowing how to read their own plans and

also realistic costs to build it which is where we can assist by

a walk through.  A session can save you thousands of dollars

down the line in unnecessary variations because you are

thinking through getting it right now.  

My role here is build and manage the Lifesize Plans

customer journey, ensuring a readiness for ahead and

building our Businesses dream site to offer an even better


If I weren't so damn good at my job, I'd probably be….Cruising around the Mediterranean and relaxing on the

Amalfi coast discovering the next Island…

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd start a company. And, you know, keep working here.

I’d build a vineyard in the back yard and a private animal

recovery shelter to help rescue animals.    

The best piece of advice I've ever been given is……

“EQ (Executional Quotient) is better than IQ” (because you

can be the smartest person but if you don’t execute nothing

moves forwards – Kenneth Chennault CEO of American


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