We utilise the latest in engineering technology to deliver a seamless solution.


You will be able to identify any potential future issues before it's too late.


Don't wait until it's too late, be pro-active in your building process.


Our engineers and consultants are on hand to help you and your architect go through their designs.


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Shared by Chris

For the first time offered in architectural history, we invite you to walkthrough your house before it's built!

I was a builder pouring concrete at Tempe for a customer, the customer is annoyed by the size of the building and wanted it to be bigger, he didn’t realise how small the actual house was, even after looking at the plans for a long time.


I myself then wanted to build my own house and looking at the plans it was hard to wrap around the actual size of the building. I decided to draw the plans onto the ground in a park and was subsequently fined by the council. There had to be a cheaper way to view your plans life-size and that’s when it hit me. I rented out a warehouse, put up some projectors and was now able to walk through my house before it was built saving myself thousands from simples mistake, and now I am bringing this technology to you.


Bringing your architectural plans and your future house to a real-life size before you put $1 on building your home.


With the use of state of the art technology and tailored programs we are able to show your complete dwelling – including upper and lower floors, backyards, swimming pools and entertaining areas, along with driveways and parking spaces to a 'true' 1:1 scale.


You can park your car in the garage and walk around your whole property without annoying glasses or goggles. Your whole family can experience this all at the same time.


We incorporate the use of real furniture and household items, as well as partition walls and decorations, to give you the best chance possible of perfecting your design


We encourage you to push the furniture around and place them in your rooms, hallways and living area, so you can get a true feel of your layout and size.


You may then find that you need more space or that your space is not used to its full potential. You may then also realise that you are overbuilding and can reduce the size of your home, saving yourself thousands of dollars per square metre; but for this to happen you have to walk through the home with furniture and measuring tapes and see for yourself –

Only at Lifesize Plans!

Come on into Lifesize Plans and see the shape of your kitchen, the positioning of your stove, fridge, sink, island bench top and more.

Filling the layout of your bathroom to your bedroom, living room and dining room with the furniture of your desire, giving you the opportunity to rectify or change your plans without any costly variations, making sure your home is what you expect and saving you and your family thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars.

Most of us cannot visualise and proportionate just by looking at plans, even as a licensed builder it is hard to see the finished product until it's built. By then it's too late to go through the hassle and expense of moving walls half a metre left or right and swapping areas and rooms around, so people are forced to live with what's been built, not being 100% happy with the finished product.

In our opinion, anyone who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on ANYTHING should be 100% happy with the product.

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