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Lifesize Plans is commercialising the world’s first-ever patented full-scale home walkthrough technology, which is poised to revolutionise the design and construction industries.


After pitching in 2018 on the hit television show Shark Tank, Lifesize Plans has attracted interest from over 200 potential partners and investors alike after proving the prototype technology and helping hundreds of clients build their dream home.

Moving into 2021, Lifesize Plans is on a growth trajectory on a global scale with a New York location soon to open as well as a brand new state of the art location in Sydney.


The Lifesize Plans Team are excited to share more news shortly as we lay the foundations for even more growth and assist in helping thousands more design, build and realise their dreams.



Lifesize plans is the first to bring this technology to the market.

[Patent Information Patent No: 2016903584]


Buying off the plan has never been so easy. Agents can use this technology when showcasing their off the plan portfolio.


Buying off the plan has never been so easy. Agents can use this technology when showcasing their off the plan portfolio.


We have partnered with some of the best builders in the industry, ask us about your free building quote today.


Shark Tank.png
Nine News.png
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Help us make it easier for people to walk through their house before it's built.

If you're an Architect, Builder, Designer, Landscape Architect or Real Estate Agent and can see how partnering with us could benefit your business or if you're interested in finding out more about our technology and are keen to licence it for your own organisation, then please feel free to contact us.


'It's a Must'

"An amazing piece of software.  It’s a must when designing your new home or simply renovating your existing home."

Garry Rosetto

Principle, Raine & Horne Real Estate

'Great Service'

"This experience can help you to make a big difference in your ultimate outcome – the investment in the service could be repaid by saving on just one builder variation. Great service, especially for those like me who has trouble visualising paper plans."

Judith Field


'A Designer's Dream'

"This is a Designers dream.  It allows us to go one step further with our customers and give them a realistic experience."

Noel Billyard

Building Designer,
N.F. Billyard Pty Ltd

'Makes Our Life a Whole Lot Easier'

"Lifesize plans helps us bring to life the spatial importance of design. As a designer it makes our life a whole easier."

Tanya Binskins


'Took Away Any Unknown Fear'

"Building our first home is one of the biggest steps in our life. Lifesize plans took away any unknown fear."

Michael Seleas

Owner Builder

'Saved Us Thousands'

"Really valued this experience. Pat and Chris were so practical experienced and helpful. Made the decisions really easy and saved us thousands. Highly recommended."

Justine Cameron


Patent Attorneys: AUCTUS IP

PATENT NO: 2017326762

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