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Lifesize Plans represents a new era of planning technology and design collaboration that creates a 1:1 scale projection of your building plan, bringing the vision of your project to life.

A collaborative experience, beginning to end.

Lifesize Plans can be used by anybody at any step of the process. Our unique showrooms and interactive projection technology let's all groups involved - from builders and architects, to designers, family members and more - work together to create the perfect plan.


Plan it
Collaborate with your team of builders, designers, architects etc. to create a floor plan for your dream project.


Project it
Bring your team into the LSP showroom to project your plan at 1:1 scale, bringing the vision for your project to life.


Build it
Done! You can now start building your new project with confidence.

Plan for your build.

Lifesize Plans is designed to help you and your project team visualise your plans easily and cost effectively. Whether you’re using builders, architects, or running it yourself, all we’ll need is a plan and a vision.
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Plan for your clients.

Whether you’re a builder, architect, designer, draftsmen, developer, or anything really. We want to help you by bringing your plans to life for your customers to experience.
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