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A single investment for a lifetime of benefits. Starting from $660 AUD.*

A collaborative experience beginning to end.

What is your project?

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New Build

If you haven’t built before, facing your first build can be overwhelming. As your largest investment our walkthrough process whether it is with you or your build team, we support your session with a qualified plans design reviewer who will methodically review your build.


Feeling like you need to overhaul your space to meet your current needs?  Renovating a home or commercial space our process will bring you the confidence you need to build ready.

Designing on the go

Do you have a concept you need to plan out? We can help you 'Live Design' in our showroom with your architect or designer. We can use our technology platform to design furniture layouts or plan a new space.

Commercial Layout

Designing your space to adapt to your company’s needs? Bring your design team, develop and plan exactly how each space will work.

Types of services

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The "Walkthrough" Experience

Discover how walking your plans at 1:1 scale makes a difference with your confidence and knowledge surrounding the function, flow, and flexibility of your project.

Mega wall

As part of your walkthrough an option for you is to project your facades and elevations on to our vertical wall to give you a good feel of the concept or finished look to bring a real life perspective to your project.

'Live Design'

Our capability includes your design team dialling in and the ability to change plans whilst you are in the showroom.  This can save all parties time and money through collaborating on the plan with speed.

Augmented reality

As an additional option you can have your plans programmed to see your walkthrough in 3D in either white structured or full colour. Fees start from $995AUD* with 5 days lead time required to program your plans.

*inclusive of GST

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Our Fees

Our fees

A single investment, for a lifetime of benefits. Starting from $660 AUD.*

What price would you put on perfection? Lifesize Plans is an inexpensive way of avoiding expensive changes — perfect for homes, renovations, businesses or more.

Every plan is different, so every price is different.


The bigger the project’s plans, the more time needed.


Whether you're competent with floor plans or it's your first time, we cater to all experience levels.


From bathroom renovations, to putting in basketball courts, different projects have different time needs.


You may just want a quick runthrough, or a deep dive into your plan. Either way, we can accommodate your every involvement.


Whether you want a small change, or multiple options, we’re help you every step of the way.


No two designs are the same, with some being more intricate than others. We work with all kinds of designs.

*inclusive of GST.

Our Process


Plan it
Collaborate with your team of builders, designers, architects etc. to create a floor plan for your dream project.


Project it
Bring your team into the LSP showroom to project your plan at 1:1 scale, bring the vision for your project to life.


Build it
Done! You can now start building your new project with confidence.