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Lifesize Plans is growing globally and you could be part of our expansive network.

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Lifesize Plans is Franchising the first-ever patented full-scale home walkthrough technology which has revolutionized the planning, design and construction process. We are rapidly expanding across domestic and international markets with a strong pipeline of 2000+ interested Franchise Candidates.  


Your Franchise entitles you to operate the Lifesize Plans business with full training and ongoing operational and marketing support. You will have access to intellectual property and all future research and development. We will also assist you with site selection and setting up the technology, business systems, equipment, and provide ongoing support.  

Each Franchisee will receive a custom Lifesize Plans solution based on their local market requirements. Our comprehensive onboarding process includes customer and operational training as well as assistance with site selection, lease negotiation and coordinating the setup of your Franchise.  

Our established global supply chain ensures opening your Lifesize Plans Franchise sets you up for success. As a Franchisee, you will receive continual operational, marketing and system support from our Head Office team.


A Lifesize Plans License is for business owners in the construction, design, real estate, and retail industries who would benefit from having their customers visualize and understand space or floor plans. Having a Lifesize Plans showroom in your business is a great sales tool especially when selling ‘off the plan’.

Your License entitles you to operate a Lifesize Plans showroom within your existing business and offer the experience directly to your clients. You will receive full training on the systems and assistance with setting up the technology, equipment, and systems. Generally, our License model suits an area of 50-120sqm.

To begin the exciting journey, please submit the Franchise and License Enquiry Form.

The Lifesize Plans recruitment process

Once you’ve expressed your interest, our team will reach out to you to discuss whether Franchising or Licensing is most suited to you and provide you more information.

Next, we’ll begin the interview process where we will approve your financial qualifications, introduce you to the team, and discuss or visit your proposed site.

Finally, we will formalise the partnership by proceeding with all of the administrative and legal documents, before beginning the setup and operational process.

We will ensure that our franchising and business culture is incorporated throughout the whole process to facilitate long-term success for both parties.


We prioritise the privacy and security of our licensees, franchisees, international franchisees, business partners, and prospective business partners. For all matters related to sales, management, and business support, we exclusively communicate through our official email addresses. Please be aware: We will never request payments via chat platforms such as WhatsApp or Messenger

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