become a franchisee

become a franchisee

Lifesize Plans is pursuing growth opportunities across national (excluding Sydney*) and international markets and has to date received significant interest from companies in foreign markets to partner with us.

As part of the roll-out strategy, the Board and management are currently assessing the viability of these opportunities to determine the strategic direction of the international expansion strategy.

*LSP’s growth strategy is targeted to all company owned stores nationally, with Sydney being our primary location we are not exploring any franchises in this state.

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Lifesize Plans is commercialising the world’s first-ever patented full-scale home walkthrough technology which will revolutionise the design and construction industries with our proven business model. We are expanding across domestic and international markets, organically with a strong pipeline of 200+ interested parties. Lifesize Plans Leadership team delivers a strong track record of value creation in capital markets, with global experience in the technology and building sectors.

We have partnered with DC Strategy to provide a seamless recruitment and onboarding process for franchisees all over the world to be part of the Lifesize Plans family. Lifesize Plans sits at the intersection of construction, technology, and architectural planning, delivering construction technology at its best. Successful adoption of our building technology is expected to deliver industry benefits in quality, productivity, reliability, less rework, and improved inventory management.

To start this exciting journey with us please submit your enquiry through the franchisee enquiry form and we look forward to connecting with you.

The Lifesize Plans recruitment process

Once you’ve expressed your interest, our team will reach out to you and ensure that you are aware of the expectations and benefits of becoming a franchisee, and provide you with an information pack. Next, we’ll begin the interview process where we will approve your financial qualifications, introduce you to the team, and discuss/visit your proposed site.

Finally, we will formalise the partnership by proceeding with all of the administrative and legal documents, before beginning the operations handover process. We will ensure that our franchising and business culture is incorporated throughout the whole process in order to facilitate long-term success for both parties.

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