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CEO Quarterly Update 2023

Published by Lifesize Plans on Mar 15, 2023
CEO Quarterly Update 2023

Two new national locations open! 2000+ franchisee applications received and 15 - 20 locations forecast to open in the next 12 months. It is a busy 2023 for Lifesize Plans!

After a fantastic Christmas break, the team has kept the engine primed as over 2000 Applications have been received from around the world to open a Lifesize Franchise.

February has released 2 location openings in Perth and Brisbane after our Southern France opening in November 2022.


With site selection in full swing and forming long term partnerships with our selected Franchise Partners, we look forward to opening Manila and Dublin over the next couple of months.


The Lifesize team are humbled and excited that our Brands value to connect consumers and professionals together to realise their projects objectives has transcended language and boarders.


We are also looking forward to showcasing the power of our showrooms even more over the next weeks and months as we announce partnerships and technological advancements to bring the Extended Reality world to Life in our Physical studios.


Looking forward to sharing more soon.

James Hickey, CEO

Lifesize Plans

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