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Lifesize Plans Eyeing Out US Expansion

Published by Lifesize Plans on Aug 26, 2022
Lifesize Plans Eyeing Out US Expansion

The innovative Australian business specialising in projecting construction plans at 1:1 scale is set to enter the American market. With more locations due to open across Europe, South Africa, Asia, India and Australia, Lifesize Plans is currently in negotiations with several potential franchise candidates across the US.


Founded in 2017, Lifesize Plans owns the world’s first, patented projection system allowing clients to walkthrough their building project in Lifesize before construction begins. They provide a space for collaboration and communication between all stakeholders on a project. Residential dwellings, commercial buildings, retail fit-outs, renovations, hospitals, restaurants and even airports, anything can be displayed in our captivating showrooms.


“North America has been part of our expansion plans for the brand since we started franchising, we now have a very strong pipeline of franchise candidates to be able to successfully take the brand to market.” Jonathan Bennett, International Operations Manager says “With an aggressive launch, we expect to open 50 locations across the US over the next 5 years.”


As part of the company’s strong focus on research and development, they are looking to bring in a multitude of additional service over the next 12 months. “Extended reality is a way where we can increase our client experience. Projection technology is at our core, but adding things like Augmented Reality and even Hologram technology allows clients to fully immerse themselves in their project and get not only the floorplan and space correct, but also the final design elements.” James Hickey, Chief Executive Officer says. James and the team are preparing to roll out hologram technology before November 2022.


Lifesize Plans looks prepared for a major expansion over the coming years. To be part of this innovative company, visit to find out how.

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