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Thoughts from our CEO

Published by Lifesize Plans on Aug 12, 2022
Thoughts from our CEO

At Lifesize Plans we work to fulfill our purpose to provide collaborative spaces connecting people and design.
The team takes pride in helping our clients connect and understand each other’s vision for their projects.
With our client portfolio ranging from:
- Large-scale construction clients who have countless stakeholders to communicate with, such as the recent Western Sydney Airport in the post.
- Commercial fit-outs and retro fits for retail outlets, restaurants, wellness centre, pubs, clubs, childcare, and warehousing.
- Off the plan sales for property agents.
- Educators working to link the digital and physical worlds, so their students can be work ready.
- Residential custom and volume builders battling with ensuring they can deliver in these times of rising build costs.
- And families renovating or building their forever homes, enabling them to communicate their dream to their supply chain.
We will keep working to help everyone in these times of rising costs and pressure to maximise the most out of every square meter; by opening our doors to clients, letting them play and crystalise their ideas and designs together.
We are blessed to witness and play our part in world-leading collaborations with our growing list of clients, and we will continue to work diligently to help continue to help the people of the world to bring their plans to life.

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