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Are you building your dream home or updating your current home with a renovation or constructing a commercial layout?  

This could be the biggest investment you will make for yourself or your client so you want to ensure your plans are perfect before you start the construction process.

Seeing your plans on a computer is one view, however seeing them projected on our showroom floor you will see so much more and get a great feel.

We provide the collaborative space for you to bring all your experts such as your designer, landscaper and building team together so your perfect project has clarity, and be brought to life ready to be constructed.

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Are your plans 100% customised? or a major part of them customised? or an off the plan purchase?

Space is one of the key priorities for a construction. For many customers who have a customised design you haven’t seen the home built, there are options offered in the market such as Virtual 3D walk throughs.

These are very expensive to develop compared to our real lifesize technology. Seeing online 3D or virtual walk throughs will give you the look and colour, but it won’t provide you the actual real space and flow of your design and your actual footprint, and you don’t want to be disappointed for such a large investment.

To ensure you get a great feel, we use real life furniture including a range of beds, chairs and movable walls that will be used during the session to ensure you can see how your furniture would fit. At Lifesize plans you will see your project in real life scale.

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Talk to one of our client concierge teams and they will assess your project needs to visit us.

As each plan is different, we don’t just send a pricelist or emails, we want to know more about your plans and discuss this with you and you will be presented with a quotation.

The concierge team will ask you a range of questions helping us assess how across your plans you are and therefore the time you need in our showroom.

This will depend on whether you are looking at the entire project, or for others it is specific rooms or aspects of the plan they need to check and your current knowledge of construction. There is no doubt this will save you thousands financially and provide a smoother building process for you ahead.

We have yet to have a client visit our showroom and not make any changes, therefore before they visited their plans were not perfect.  

You can also visit our FAQ section which outlines further information on our services.

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